Solve your IT problems before they happen - with a service plan customized for your business.

Lower cost and fewer headaches - that's what you get when you sign up for a monthly (or quarterly) service plan with ACM Computers. Most plans will include the following recommended features:

  • Automated Data Backups - including monitoring to make sure your data is really backed up.
  • Network Maintenance (hardware and software)
  • Workstation Maintenance (hardware and software) to keep your computers running fast and malware-free.
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring to detect potential issues before they become issues.
  • Reduced rates on break/fix service.

Small and Large networks alike require regular and timely maintenance to minimize costly downtime. ACM provides your business with top-notch service by monitoring your network for problems 24/7. Constant monitoring of your network generates alerts and warnings which leads to proactive actions.

View custom service plan options.

We can perform maintenance as often as you would like (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, etc). Choose the maintenance interval that fits your business best.

Computer Services for Ventura County

ACM Computers offers a full array of in-store and on-site computer repair, maintenance and network services to businesses and individuals in Ventura County. We will design and build professional servers and workstations to fit your home or business needs.

Fast Response Time

Knowing how costly and stressful it is when your computer is down, ACM is staffed with a wealth of talented technicians that will be quickly dispatched to respond to your needs. We also offer guaranteed response times for all service plan clients.

Friendly Service

ACM Computers is proud to offer our fine tradition of friendly service. Our professional technical staff and administrative staff members are courteous and communicate well with clients during and after the completion of services.

ACM Computers is a Microsoft Certified Partner, A+ Certified Repair Center and accredited A+ rated member of the Tri-county Better Business Bureau, servicing Tri-county homes and businesses since our founding in Ventura in 1989.

Computer Tips

Has your computer been running more slowly than usual? These maintenance tips may help your computer perform better as well as last longer.

Password security tips.

Keeping your PC safe from malware and viruses.

WiFi Not Working? These basic steps may help restore your wireless internet to a stronger working condition.

Internet Down? Here are a few simple measures you can take to restore your internet connection in case of hardware malfunction.