Business Workstations and Servers

ACM will build any custom system to fit your needs and provide room for future expansion.

Most computer manufacturers like to pack your new computer with junkware - half software / half ads designed to sell you more software that you probably don't need. At ACM Computers, our business workstations come without the junkware.

Large retailers oversell - they try to sell you the most expensive piece of equipment that they can. An ACM computer is always built right for your business - exactly what you need. We don't oversell, nor do we cut corners or undersell.

Sometimes we see customers buying from the large chain stores - and the computer won't work with their network due to a software compatibility issue (the wrong version of Windows, for example). Selecting the right computer and the right software for a business is something that requires expertise. Before we sell you a PC, we will check with software vendors to see what is compatible with the rest of the hardware and software on your network, and to see how much longer the software will be supported. We want to help you avoid compatibility issues and the need to keep upgrading - two of the most common problems that small businesses have. That's why we verify that your new computer will work with what you already have before we sell it to you.

Pro Workstations

Our Pro systems are flexible and upgradable. In default configuration, the workstation is powerful enough to handle most computing needs. For special applications such as CAD, video editing, or any other system resource intensive task, we will customize your workstation to meet or exceed your requirements.

Workgroup Servers

We build light-duty servers to provide simple services for small networks, such as file sharing, basic application hosting, and centralized document storage to simplify your backup strategy. Adding a workgroup server to your small network of 10 workstations or less will provide you with greater data security than available for workstations, and a centralized backup solution.

Domain Servers

For medium to large size networks, you need a domain controlled network. Our custom domain servers are built from the ground up to match your needs and leave room for expansion. We require a field assessment to determine the proper hardware and software to match your network needs. Fortunately, ACM Computers will provide you with a free site survey to determine the best solution for your company. Contact us today to request a free site survey!