Data Backup and Recovery | ACM Computers, Ventura, CA

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

ACM Computers offers automated daily backups of file servers. With our incremental backups, each change is backed up individually – so you can revert back to one of several choices if necessary.

One of the biggest problems we see with small businesses trying to back up their data is inconsistency – the work is often done in-house, with no knowledge and training. At ACM, we only use the most reliable backup methods available, and we set up monitoring so we know right away if the backup fails.

Backup Monitoring – make sure your backups are actually working

Any time you are backing up critical business data, you need to make sure the backup process is actually working – that way you know if it fails and can fix it. Too many times we have seen customers who thought their data was backed up when it really wasn't. To solve this problem, we offer service plans that include regular backups along with monitoring of the backup server.

Local Backup

ACM provides local backup services and training.

Local backup services include external disk, tape, and CDP (Continuous Data Protection) methods.

Remote Backup

ACM provides remote backup solutions for Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux and Macintosh workstations and servers.

Remote backup services are similar to the local CDP method, after a large initial data transfer, files that are modified after the initial transfer are then backed up on a regular basis.

Remote Backup services distance your data backup geographically from your site. In case of a severe disaster, such as fire, flooding, earthquake, etc., your data will be stored far away to prevent total data loss.

Data Recovery

ACM provides data recovery services for all modern media types. In case of severe damage to the media, or obsolete media types, ACM recommends DriveSavers data recovery services.