Business On-Site Services

From single-site small businesses to large businesses with multiple locations, ACM Computers can manage your entire network, from the ground up. We design and plan your network with you according to your business needs, implement network and security services, install cabling and server racks, troubleshoot and repair any hardware or software problems, and proactively maintain and optimize your network for reliability, security and performance.


ACM Computers provides a wide range of desktop, server and network installation services.

Troubleshooting and Repair

ACM Computers comes to the rescue whenever you have a computer problem!

Maintenance and Optimization

ACM Computers believes in proactive maintenance and optimization to save our clients money in the long run and boost their computing efficiency.

Business Service Rates

Standard Business Rates:
$120.00 / hour Desktop support
$145.00 / hour Network support

Reduced rates are included with our service plans.

Free Surveys

ACM Computers can provide your business with free surveys, including network cabling surveys, identifying new server build requirements, analyzing network infrastructure, and checking special requirements for network equipment.


One hour minimum for all on-site service. Half hour minimum for remote service. Billing increment is quarter-hour after minimum charge. See terms for more information.