Home On-Site Services

We Come to You

You don't have to pull out all of the wiring and try to figure it all out when you get your computer back. We will fix your computer with all your equipment attached, with your internet connection, under your operating conditions.

Reduced Cost Service

If your computer has a problem that cannot be resolved quickly, our technicians can take your computer to our store for repair. This reduces the cost of the repair to the time that our technician is working on your computer, not the time it takes your computer to work for our technician.

Our friendly technicians will advise you if this is the condition your computer is in and will give you an estimate on the time it will take to repair, as well as the total cost of the repair.

Service Schedule

Standard home on-site rate is $85.00 / hour


One hour minimum for all on-site service. Half hour minimum for remote service. Billing increment is quarter-hour after minimum charge. Read More...