In-Store Repair

You Come to Us

If you prefer to bring your computer to us, we can accomodate you with a reduced price, and the same excellent service. Typically, all you need to bring to us is your computer tower, or laptop and your power cord. We do not diagnose or service high speed internet devices in-store. If you require service to repair an internet problem, please see our On-site Services page.

Workstation Diagnostic Services (Flat Rate)

If your computer has a problem, bring it to us for a flat-rate diagnostic. Our certified technicians will examine your computer top to bottom and contact you once the problem has been identified. At that time we will explain to you what the problem is and our estimate on the cost to repair the problem.

Standard In-Store Rate

Standard In-Store Rate is $80.00 / hour

Flat-Rate Services

Workstation Diagnostic / $40


Half hour minimum for all in-store service. Billing increment is quarter-hour after first charge. Read More...

**Pricing subject to change without notice. Call for updated pricing