Internet Connection Tips

Losing Your Connection Frequently?

If you have DSL or cable, and you lose your connection frequently, check your wiring. Cables that have been smashed, bent too hard, or have torn or old and brittle insulation will not provide you with decent internet speeds. Replace any damaged cable you find, and contact your provider is symptoms persist.

DSL loses connection frequently

DSL modems rely on high quality connections that are properly filtered. When you order DSL and receive your DSL modem in the mail from your provider, there are filters included in the package contents. You should keep those filters! Every phone device, including fax machines, that is connected to the same phone line as the DSL must be filtered, otherwise your DSL and phone quality will suffer - the DSL will stop working intermittently, and the unfiltered phone will have a very high pitch constant background noise.

DSL is filtered but still has problems

How is the voice quality when you make a call from your phone? If you have a bad quality voice connection, your DSL will not likely function well. Check the phone wires inside your house and call the phone company if testing your phone cables does not fix the problem.

Use proper cables

If you have a very long phone line running to your DSL modem, there is a great chance for interference. Make sure you use the proper type of cable, and the shortest length possible. The proper cable has a round insulator. Flat telephone wire will act as an antenna and can disrupt your internet connection. If you have a long and flat phone cable, replace it with a shorter twisted pair cable.

Have you moved your cable modem? Common problems with cable modems are improper cables used after moving the cable modem. When your cable modem is installed by your provider, the proper cables are run and connected to the cable modem. If the wrong type of coax is used, your cable modem may not be stable online or may not even work at all! Check with your cable provider if you plan to move your cable modem, and ensure you have the proper cables and connections before you move your modem.