Computer Maintenance Tips

Is your computer running more and more slowly?

Regular computer maintenance can help you keep your computer running in like-new condition until it's end-of-life.

Noisy computers that run slow are trying to tell you that something is wrong!

If your computer is making a lot of noise, it is possible that your cooling fans have worn out, or are clogged with dust. If left in this condition for too long, your computer will wear out quicker than normal. If a fan seizes, it may even cause hardware damage or start a fire!

I just installed some software I downloaded that claims it will make my computer faster, but it is asking for a lot of money!

There are many "self help" programs out there that are not produced by reputable companies. They will claim that your computer has hundreds or thousands of problems, and they will demand a premium to fix these "problems". The truth is, many of the "problems" they report are very minor and have little or no impact on your computer's performance. It is better to let a skilled technician handle your system maintenance than to put your trust in software tools downloaded from "somewhere on the internet".

My computer is running too slow to be usable! Is it time for a new one?

Most frequently, a computer running too slow is due to a couple of common factors. One is that the hardware is inadequate for the programs that are installed and running. In these cases you may be able to upgrade your existing hardware, or your may want to consider a move to a newer computer.

In some cases, simply too many programs are running in the startup or are attached to your other software. Simply removing some of these "junk" programs can increase your computer's performance!

Let our technicians help you with proper maintenance of your computer. Every time you check your computer in at ACM, we perform all of the basic maintenance tasks every time to ensure that your computer lasts as long as possible, and provides you with the best performance that it is capable of.